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" People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel "

 Maya Angelou


You may enjoy hiking, biking, jogging, water sports. You may enjoy sightseeing, shopping, clubbing, dancing, doing nothing. Tanning swimming, wine testing, feasting, instagramming, just being…

We at Escale-Naxos know the secret about the way to uplift any experience any time of the day: before or after your glorious vacation adventures. And that is the greatest connection of your spirit to your body through what we do the best:


Relaxing classic massage:

Medley of traditional and classic techniques to provide long lasting relaxation. 

60min 80 E   90min   120 E     120min  140E

Madero therapy massage:

Rigorous traditional massage treatment performed with olive tree wooden rolls to soften sore muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage and even the skin texture for better comfort.

* not suitable for pregnant women and children

60min   80E

Prenatal massage:

Relaxing treatment adapted for pregnant women starting the second trimester.

60min 80E

Couples massage: 

Relaxing massage for two side by side in the same room

60min  150E   90min 230E

Parent and child massage:

relaxing massage for a parent and child side by side in the same room

60min 150E


  • Replacement of coconut organic oil by Gm Collin’s Sublime Concentrate 15E

  • Sunscreen cream application after massage or exfoliation 10E

  • Self-tanning cream application after massage or exfoliation 20E

  • Cooling balm application after massage 10E


*all our massages are performed with organic purified coconut oil, on deluxe Canadian oak wood tables, satin silk sheets with all necessary accessories to adapt to any specific health condition. All massage sessions include hot towel treatment, except for Exfoliating massage

All our massage practitioners are professionally and specifically trained and experienced.

**prices are subject to change without notice.


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