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Frequently asked questions


!!!COVID-19. Please be assured that at Escale-Naxos our priority is everyone’s safety. We guarantee that our staff is vaccinated and regularly tested and comply with all the regulations of the Greek health authorities. All the common surfaces, accessories and working tools are disinfected between each use. All the sheets, towels and linens are changed between each client and/or use. !!!


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Q.: Do I need to reserve an appointment?

A.: Yes, absolutely!


Q.: How do I make reservation?

A.: You can reserve by phone, online or in person by simply addressing to our staff members on the site


Q.: Is there a difference in prices depending on the season.

A.: There is a possibility to price readjustment during the season. However, if you observe a change in pricing from the moment of reservation and actual treatment, we guarantee to adjust it to your advantage. 


Q.: How do I get ready for my treatment?

A.: We ask you to present yourself at the waiting area 5 min prior to your appointment to fill a quick questionnaire and make sure you are ready for your appointment on time. Please note that the treatment should start at the precise time of the reservation. Any delay of less than 10min will result in equivalent time cut of the treatment to make sure every guest can be received on time. Any delay of more than 10min will automatically result in cancellation and cancellation policy will be applied.

On our side we guarantee to always be ready for you on time.

Q.: What is the cancellation policy?

A.: We apply a 24hours cancellation policy for any treatment except for walk-in appointments. The retain 100% of the amount paid for reservation in case of no show or late cancellation.


Q.: Can I take shower before my treatment?

A.: Absolutely! We have prepared beautiful shower accommodation for your comfort. However we will ask you to inform us that you will need a shower in order for us to adjust the schedule. Bathrobes, slippers, towels and toiletries are at your disposition in our Chora station.

However, in our Agios Prokopios and Plaka stations on the beach, we recommend that you remove the sand from your body and especially feet


Q.: What should I wear for my treatment?

A.: You can come with whatever attire you are comfortable with. However, for hygiene purposes and your comfort, we do not allow wet bathing suits on our massage tables. If you come directly from the beach and did not have enough time to change in dry attire, we provide with disposable underwear at no charge. Also please make sure that you don’t carry any sand of your feet or body before hopping on the table: as it may compromise your experience.


Q.: How do I get ready for my massage?

A.: Before massage we do not recommend to have heavy meal, caffeine, or excess of alcoholic beverages. For you to have the best experience, we suggest a light meal or snack, a glass of water and no more than one drink; we want you to feel comfortable, light and fully aware of your senses.


Q.: What should I do after my massage?

A.: As your blood pressure drops during massage and remains low couple of hours later, we recommend waiting 2-3 hours before engaging into any sports or training or any activity that needs particular awareness and concentration. Please note that if you consume any alcohol, you may feel that it hits your system faster than usual. We also recommend reducing the consumption of red meat, sugars and stimulants for couple of days after massage to make sure your body benefits fully from the treatment. 


Q.: Under what circumstances would one not be able to receive a massage? 

A.: Most of massages are suitable for any physical condition. However in case of a sun burn, we recommend waiting until full recovery of any burns. Dorsal acne, athlete’s foot, open and/or bleeding wounds, scratches or inflammation are a major contraindication for any type of massage. Psoriasis and light eczema do not represent any danger for massage.


Q.: Can a pregnant woman receive a massage?

A.: Absolutely! However, this specific condition has to be mentioned during reservation so we can assure the availability of specially trained massage practitioner. Please note that we do not provide prenatal massage in the first trimester of pregnancy.


Q.: Can a child receive massage?

A.: Kids of 6 yo and older are welcome to receive a massage independently or simultaneously with the parent. However the parental supervision and presence is required during the full duration of the treatment. Kids cannot be left unattended on the site of Escale-Naxos under any circumstances. For children over 14 years parental presence is not an obligation; however a letter of authorisation has to be signed by parental authority. 


Q.: How does the prenatal massage work?

A.: Pregnant woman’s massage is performed on a specifically adapted table with retractable back and several soft cushions to guarantee safety and comfort. Prenatal massage is performed by specially trained and certified massage practitioner. Please note that we do not provide prenatal massage in the first semester of pregnancy.


Would you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to address them directly to our staff members.


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